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Hey there Gould Diggers! I have something for you.

A while ago I bought a ticket to see Ellie on March 13 at Madison Square Garden in New York. Problem is, I was really smart and only bought one ticket. However, the ticket is really close, and the show is now sold out.

The seat is Section…

I hope I get to see Ellie

Been a while..

Since I’ve been here.
Is it even worth it to blog on here?
#blog #blogging

Tumblrs gayyyy

That’s all.

Bakhablah labdmkas


Things are finally starting to look up. I’m happy.

Anonymous said: what does suzymadden mean? also do you make $ with your blog using peepspayerDOTcom?


Anonymous said: youre so pretty, is that you and your bf?

this is my boyfriend<3 and thank you!